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Telepsychiatry | Doctor Visits Made Easy

See your psychiatrist from anywhere.

The visit can be done on your smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Does Telepsychiatry preserve my privacy?
    1. At Premier Health, we take your privacy very seriously. All video platforms are HIPAA certified and compliant, offering the same privacy protection patients get during traditional treatment.
  2. Is Telepsychiatry any less safe or follows a different treatment guidelines than traditional psychiatric care?
    1. With Telepsychiatry, treatment guidelines and safety standards are the same as in in-person treatment.
  3. What services are offered via Telepsychiatry?
    1. Services offered via Telepsychiatry are the same as those offered through in-office treatment. They include but are not limited to: screening and diagnosis of a wide range of conditions, psychotherapy and counseling, medication management, liaison of medical and psychiatric providers and therapists, as well as many other services.
  4. How may Telepsychiatry benefit me?
    1. Telemedicine, including Telepsychiatry increases access and reduces barriers to care. It is especially useful for those patients for whom traveling presents a problem due to illness or work demands. Research has shown that getting care in the privacy of a familiar setting may decrease anxiety and encourage patients to reach out for help.
  5. Is Telepsychiatry for me?
    1. While anyone can choose the option of Telepsychiatry, it is especially useful when treatment involves more than one person. Usually, couples and family therapy requires multiple participants to be physically present at the same location. Meanwhile, Telepsychiatry allows the convenience of tuning in from wherever you are.
  6. Can I use Telepsychiatry if I am in treatment for substance abuse disorder?
    1. Yes. Frequent check-ins during substance abuse disorder treatment are conveniently made possible with Telepsychiatry.
  7. If I am a Telepsychiatry patient, what is the best way to communicate with my doctor, healthcare team and the billing department?
    1. Get it all in one place! While we still welcome phone calls, the easiest way to get all your questions answered is to log into our Patient Engagement Portal. Patient Engagement Portal is designed to fit you and your needs. There, you can request and schedule appointments, fill out all the necessary paperwork, exchange secure messages with your healthcare team, get lab results and prescription refills, access your records and share documents with your doctor. It is important to us that our patients become empowered through education. Patient Engagement Portal is also a gateway for research where you can access many sources of literature on medical conditions and prescription drugs. Moreover, make it your personal health portal! Set and track health goals and monitor wellness indicators to help you get where you want to be!
  8. How do I pay for Telepsychiatry?
    1. Telepsychiatry is charged at the same rate as traditional treatments. You would pay the same amount for the video conference session with your doctor as you would for an in-office one. Co-pays can be conveniently paid thorough the Patient Engagement Portal.
  9. Does my insurance cover Telepsychiatry?
    1. If your psychiatrist visits are covered by your insurance, so will be your Telepsychiatry visits.
  10. Can I use my phone for Telepsychiatry?
    1. Yes, you can use your phone as long as it is a smartphone and the reception is strong enough for video transmission.